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Street Photography Masterclass

Street Photography is HARD! In fact it may be one of the most difficult forms of photography: What's harder than endlessly walking the streets to find interesting scenes, approaching random strangers, pointing the camera at them while waiting for a fleeting moment to capture that also needs to be perfectly framed and with all the right camera settings? No posing, no staging, no photoshopping anything in or out of the picture. Just raw street moments with their intense emotions. It's like alchemy or is it?

Over many years of shooting street photography in Venice Beach and around the world, Dotan has developed a repeatable technique that he teaches in a series of pre-recorded videos, quizzes and training exercises neatly packaged into the 5 modules of his Street Photography Masterclass.

Storyteller Workshops

After teaching street photography and documentary workshops for the Leica Akademie and Momenta Workshops, Dotan has started Storyteller Workshops in partnership with Gail Fisher, a distinguished veteran photographer and editor from National Geographic and the L.A. Times.


Gail and Dotan make a great team because of their complementary areas of expertise and photography backgrounds: Gail's career-long experience in photojournalism, editing and sequencing visual stories perfectly complements Dotan's meticulous street photography approach.

While this dynamic duo teaches a solid and well rounded photography education, their workshops go far beyond expectations as they often blend in a healthy dose of culture, history and cuisine into their itineraries.

Join the next Storyteller Workshop adventure!

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