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DOGTOWN is a street photography project about the dogs of Venice Beach, California. The book is named after »Dogtown«, an area of West Los Angeles that used to encompass the slums of Venice and Santa Monica’s Ocean Park, back in the 1960’s and 70’s. The surfers and skateboarders of Dogtown were known as aggressive, antisocial school dropouts from poor families. Today, actual dogs of all breeds and social status are taking over Venice Beach.

The canines photographed in this book often embrace Dogtown’s rich skateboarding culture. American photographer Dotan Saguy and his Leica camera delight us with many light- hearted, quirky, emotional moments captured with much love and compassion for both the dogs and their Dogtown surroundings. This book is a modern homage to Elliott Erwitt and a must-have for dog lovers.

DOGTOWN: The Pups of Venice Beach and their Humans. First Edition. Signed.

SKU: 3969001439
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