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This Limited Edition of 50 copies is available exclusively here and will not be sold through other stores.

A linen presentation box that includes a signed first edition copy of the book, three signed 6x9" prints made by the artist on 8x10" Moab Juniper Baryta heavy paper, a unique handmade jewelry pendant artfully crafted by Ismael Reis - the husband/father of the family who was of course generously compensated for this production. Each of the 50 jewelry pieces is uniquely designed by Mr. Reis and completely different from the others. 


  • Linen Presentation Box
  • Signed First Edition of "Nowhere to go but Everywhere"
  • Official Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered from 1 to 50
  • 6x9" Archival Pigment Print of "War Zone" on 8x10" paper
  • 6x9" Archival Pigment Print of "Top of the World" on 8x10" paper
  • 6x9" Archival Pigment Print of "City Lights" on 8x10" paper
  • Handmade jewelry pendant crafted by Ismael Reis himself

Meet the Reis, a family of five who lives in an old converted school bus parked in West Los Angeles. What brought them to this way of living? What is it like to live this way? What can we learn from their lifestyle? Award winning photographer Dotan Saguy artfully explores these questions and more through his in-depth heartfelt document of one family’s 10-month stay on the streets of LA.Unfortunately, Venice Beach sits on the edge of a knife: gentrification and corporate greed threaten to squash the way of life that has defined Venice for decades. Saguy has documented what could be a lost society should the faces you see here be forced to acculturate. Allow yourself to be mesmerized – as Dotan Saguy has been – by this way of life, before it fades away.

Nowhere to go but Everywhere Collector's Edition of 50 (numbered)

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